Let's Go Zamtel


Stand a chance to grab a bicycle in the Let’s Go Zamtel promotion  You can use the bicycle for your small business, school or personal transport and to keep a healthy lifestyle..

Dial *422# and select option 1 to choose your preferred entry package. You can enter with as low as 50 Ngwee and get instant data and minutes  The Let’s Go Zamtel promotion is open to all mobile prepaid Zamtel customers countrywide. T&Cs apply

How it works

1. What prizes are available to win in the promotion?

✓The prizes available to win are Bicycles to use as your small business asset, for school /personal transport and to keep a healthy lifestyle.

2. Who is eligible for the promotion?

✓The promotion is open to all mobile prepaid Zamtel customers countrywide

3. How do I subscribe to the promotion?

✓To subscribe, dial *422# and select option 1 to choose your preferred package

4. How many entry points do I get for my subscription package?

✓The points are as below;

Subscription Price (K) Entry Points
K0.50 1
K2 2
K5 5
K10 10
K20 20

5. Can I track how many entries I have accumulated?

✓Yes, you can check your total number of entries by dialing *422# and selecting option 1 where you will see the “Balance check” option.

6. How long is the Promotion valid for?

✓The promotion is valid for 90 days from the day of launch; 22nd March 2019

7. Can I win more than once?

✓Yes, you can.

8. Are there any other benefits that I get immediately I subscribe?

✓ Yes, there are immediate benefits in form of onnet minutes and data bundles as below;

Subscription Price (K) Benefit (On-net Mins) Benefit (Data Bundle MB)
K0.50 1 10
K2 5 50
K5 12 120
K10 25 250
K20 50 500

9. How long are my “LET’S GO ZAMTEL” package benefits valid for?

✓The minutes and data bundles are valid for 24hrs

10. Can the benefits from my “LET’S GO ZAMTEL” packages accumulate?

✓Yes, if you buy more than 1 package within your validity period, the benefits will accumulate

11. Can I subscribe to a “LET’S GO ZAMTEL” package without losing my benefits from my Chabeba, all- Networks, Real Mahala or data bundle packages?

✓Yes, you can, your “LET’S GO ZAMTEL” packages can work with your Chabeba packages, All- Networks, Real Mahala and Data bundles.

12. If I have “LET’S GO ZAMTEL” benefits and daily benefits from Chabeba, All-networks, Real Mahala and data bundles, which benefits will be used first?

✓The “LET’S GO ZAMTEL” benefits will used up first.

13. If I have “LET’S GO ZAMTEL” benefits, Chabeba Midnight benefits and any other offer expiring at Midnight, which benefits will be used first?

✓The Midnight benefits will be used up first.

14. How many winners will be drawn every week?

✓45 winners will be randomly drawn every Friday starting on 5th April, 2019 and customers with more entries stand a higher chance of winning.

15. How long is my entry(s) valid for?

✓Each entry will remain valid until the end of the promotion and is eligible for the Prizes in the promotion.

16. How will I know when/if I have won?

✓ALL Winners will be contacted by phone and advised on how to collect their prizes. A collection Day will be advised and the prizes can be collected any time within the duration of the Promotion. All prizes not collected by the end of the promotion will be forfeited.

17. What if my phone is off when you call me?

✓If any winner does not answer his/her phone after three (3) attempts, or the phone is off, a new winner will be drawn.

18. Will I need to be photographed or say something on radio when I win?

✓You may/will be required to be filmed, photographed, and recorded during the prize giving ceremony. This content will/can be used on various media platforms in a way that will not be defamatory on your part.

Terms and Conditions

• To submit an entry a subscriber must opt into any one of the offers highlighted below by dialing *422# and selecting option 1;

Subscription Price (K) Entry Points Benefit (On-net Mins) Benefit (Data Bundle MB) Validity
0.50 1 1 10 24 Hrs
2 2 5 50 24 Hrs
5 5 12 120 24 Hrs
10 10 25 250 24 Hrs
20 20 50 500 24 Hrs

• The cost of each subscription is as per the table highlighted above.

• Each subscription to any of the offers will accord the subscriber with entry points to the promotion as highlighted above for each price point.

• Subscribers will be able to track their entries on the short code *422#.

• Every entry to the promotion will be zeroed by the end of the 3 Month period.

• For the 90 Day duration of the promotion, 45 bicycles will be given to customers weekly:

• Every week 45 customers will be selected in a random draw for the prize of a bicycle

• Accumulated points in the promotion will only give customers a higher chance to win. The more entries an MSISDN has the more chances they have to win.