No need to scratch to recharge! Sale airtime using ZamSellit. To sign up for the service download the ZamPay App and dial *135# to start or visit any Zamtel outlet nationwide! ZamSellIT Its more convenient, faster and secure!
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How it works

1. In order for a customer to access ZamSellIT they must have an active ZamPay account

    a. Customer must have the ZamPay App downloaded from the App Stores, i.e. Google Play Store or Apple iStore, and they must have the ZamPay account activated.

    b. The ZamPay account will hold the value that the customer will use to purchase airtime stock using ZamSellIT.

2. ZamSellIT is a product that allows each and every Zamtel customer to become a Retailer of talk time “Business for Everyone”.

    a. Access to ZamSellIT is on USSD code *135#

    b. The customer must ensure that they activate their ZamSellIT account off the USSD menu that appears when they dial *135#.

    c. A customer will be able to purchase “Airtime Stock” using ZamSellIT menu option but charge for the stock will come off the customer’s ZamPay e-value.

    d. A customer can purchase as low as K20 worth of Airtime Stock and they will get 5% commission.

    e. Airtime stock commissions range from 5% to 10%

Terms and Conditions

1. A customer must be subscribed to ZamSellIT by dialing *135# and selecting option 2 to activate the account

    a. A customer must set up a unique PIN for accessing the ZamSellIT account

2. Customer must ensure they have an active ZamPay account in order to be able to purchase airtime stock from ZamSellIT because all payments for airtime stock shall be deducted from the ZamPay account.

    a. To activate ZamPay, the customer must download the “ZamPay Customer” App from the Google Play Store for Android devices or from the iStore for Apple devices.

    b. Upon ZamPay account activation, the customer must deposit money into their ZamPay account at any Zamtel retail store countrywide.

3. In order to commence and make any transaction on ZamSellIT the customer must ensure that their customer number is fully KYCed and also registered on ZamPay to be able to transact.

4. ZamPay and ZamSellIT transactions or balance check will be validated by a unique PIN that only the customer knows.