Cheza 4eva allows you to call Nonstop with offers ranging from as low as K20 to a maximum band (airtime usage) of K70, you can now enjoy non-stop calling and data allocations of up to 7GB with a validity period of up to one week. To subscribe to the packages, dial *422#.

How it works

1. In order for a customer to access ZamSellIT they must have an active ZamPay account

    a. Customer must have the ZamPay App downloaded from the App Stores, i.e. Google Play Store or Apple iStore, and they must have the ZamPay account activated.

    b. The ZamPay account will hold the value that the customer will use to purchase airtime stock using ZamSellIT.

2. ZamSellIT is a product that allows each and every Zamtel customer to become a Retailer of talk time “Business for Everyone”.

    a. Access to ZamSellIT is on USSD code *135#

    b. The customer must ensure that they activate their ZamSellIT account off the USSD menu that appears when they dial *135#.

    c. A customer will be able to purchase “Airtime Stock” using ZamSellIT menu option but charge for the stock will come off the customer’s ZamPay e-value.

    d. A customer can purchase as low as K20 worth of Airtime Stock and they will get 5% commission.

    e. Airtime stock commissions range from 5% to 10%

Terms and Conditions

  • All Zamtel mobile prepaid customers are eligible to subscribe for the Cheza4Eva offers
  • Customers can access their special Cheza offers by dialing *422#
  • Customers will have a choice of offers with varied validity period dependent on the offer selected.
  • Each customer will have an individual tailor made offer available for them depending on the applicable customer group they are in. A customer can confirm their personalized offer by dialing *422#.
  • The offers are split into Zamtel to Zamtel calling minutes and Zamtel to Other network calling minutes.
  • The Cheza offer also gives customers access to K20, K40 & K70 which give customers an additional benefit of DATA valid for 7 Days from the time of subscription, 1.4GB, 3.5GB & 7GB respectively. The minutes of the offer a valid for making Zamtel to Zamtel calls only.
  • The calling period is non-stop within the time frame provided for each individual offer. E.g. If an K20 package is activated on 1st May, the offer will expire on May 7 regardless of whether calling time has been used up on not.
  • If both Cheza4Eva on-net & all-network packages are active at the same time, priority of usage will be given to the on-net package for Zamtel to Zamtel calls when making calls to a Zamtel number / Landline.
  • Offers purchased within the same validity will accumulate when purchased multiple times, for example multiple 7 Day offers purchased within the validity of an active 7 Day offer.
  • The offer will have no auto-subscription/auto-renewal option; therefore, customers can subscribe at any given time.
  • Roaming calls and calls to international numbers do not form part of this Tariff and will be charged at applicable rates.
  • Customers who are within the network in Zambia but are calling Zamtel numbers that are roaming will be able to call using the benefits as long as they are actively subscribed to the offer
  • Calls to chargeable short codes and special numbers will be billed at the rules defined for those numbers
  • The minutes and data bundles given in this offer will assume highest priority in terms of usage unless otherwise defined
  • Benefits offered are not limited to a specific or solid hour and can be used throughout the day.
  • All unused minutes / Data for the Hourly/Daily/Weekly period will not be carried forward i.e. if the benefit allocated is not exhausted within validity period they will zeroed.
  • Customers cannot subscribe to offer using bonus talk time. Only talk time from the main account will be valid for subscription.
  • Customers who are active on the offer are not eligible/and do NOT have access to benefits on other tariffs. i.e Real Mahala,
  • If the customer exhausts all their benefits before the validity period has been reached, the customer will be charged for calls, SMSs & data services from the airtime in their main account or any other available wallet.
  • Customers will be billed at standard voice rates for calls and SMS services
    • Data will be billed at K0.96 per MB.
    • Zamtel reserves the right to amend rates and benefits of this offer