LTE (Long Term Evolution)


Zamtel LTE brings to you faster internet experience which means faster download speeds and video streaming, it enables Zamtel to offer its fixed network subscribers significantly higher data speeds, thereby enhancing customer experience on the Zamtel network. Consumers can access the internet wherever there is coverage with any 4G-enabled device.


Q: What is 4.5G LTE?

A: Long-Term Evolution is a standard for high speed wireless communications for mobile phones and data terminals.

Q: What is the difference between 3G and 4.5G LTE?

A: The main difference between 3G and 4.5G is speed. 4.5G offers you speed of broadband right on your mobile phone and/or other internet enabled devices. 4.5G network can be as much as ten times faster than 3G.

Q:What do I get with solution specifically?

A:A Wi-Fi enabled modem with a capability of connecting up to 32 users.

Modem also has 4 LAN/Ethernet ports for connecting computers which have no Wi-Fi capability, or for connecting to a Switch for further distribution into a local area network.

Q: What are the key benefits?

A: Customers can now have access to super high speed internet in their homes or offices.

Customers get to save on mobile data bundles by switching to 4.5G LTE with the aid of a modem whenever they are home.

Q: What subscription packages are on Zamtel’s 4.5G LTE?

A: 10GB at K250

20GB at K450

50GB at K600

100GB at K1,080

200GB at K1,299

500GB at K1, 599

Q: What is the validity of the packages?

A: All bundles are valid for 30 days.

Q: Can I purchase another package before my current package expires?

A: No. You first have to finish/deplete your current bundle in order to purchase another.

Q: Can I share the bundles on 4.5G LTE?

A: No. The bundles on the LTE package cannot be shared.

Q: How can I check for my bundle balance?

A: Using the Zamtel Self-care portal on our website

By visiting a Retail outlet.

Through the Customer Care Center on 111/SMS 111 OR

Through WhatsApp (0955000155)

Q: Can I access Zamtel’s /4.5G on my mobile phone?

A: Yes if the phone is Wi-Fi enabled with the AID of an LTE modem or router.

Q: How many devices can be connected on the same network?

A: You can connect up to 32 devices on the same network.

Q: Can 2G/3G enabled devices access the 4.5G LTE?

A: Not, directly. Zamtel’s 4.5G LTE can only be accessed on devices that are 4.5G enabled/4.5G capable. However, if the device has Wi-Fi capability, it can connect to an LTE modem via Wi-Fi.

Q: Can any Zamtel SIM card be used in the LTE Modems or Routers?

A: Specific SIM Cards that have been provisioned for the service can be purchased from any retail outlet in a 4.5G area.

Coverage Map

LTE Current Location

LTE Packages

Package Price
LTE Consumer Bundle 10GB K 250.00
LTE Consumer Bundle 20GB K 450.00
LTE Consumer Bundle 50GB K 600.00
LTE SME Bundle 100GB K 900.00

Terms & Conditions

The prices are inclusive of taxes

The subscriptions are valid for thirty (30) calendar days from date of activation.

No carry-over shall apply to the Data bundle upon expiration.

A customer can purchase any package upon depletion of their initial package.

Subscription to Zamtel’s LTE services is subject to the LTE network coverage and network availability within the base station.

Zamtel shall endeavor to ensure that LTE coverage is available where Zamtel stipulates it has LTE coverage. Zamtel shall however not be held responsible for customer’s failure to access the internet in areas that are not eligible for LTE.

Zamtel’s LTE network is supported on the 2300 Megahertz (MHz) TDD Radio frequency spectrum and the experience may vary depending on the wall thickness at your premises and proximity to the base station.

A compatible device is required to use Zamtel’s LTE services. The maximum speed that can be experienced by the subscriber is dependent on the speed specification of the device and other technical factors.

Zamtel reserves the right to establish its policies, rules and limitations, from time to time, as regards the use of the service. The subscriber must comply with any data storage, bandwidth and other limitations Zamtel may impose, in its sole discretion.

Zamtel reserves the right to adjust any tariff at its sole discretion

Standard KYC rules as stipulated by the regulatory body ZICTA apply