Real Mahala


Feel the 3rill on the Real Mahala Tariff! Get Minutes, SMSs and Internet Data Bundles, from as low as K3 you can choose a daily or monthly On-Net (Zamtel to Zamtel) offer or the daily All-network (across all networks)

How to Subscribe

Real Mahala Thrill On-Net

Daily K3 - Dial *335*1# and get 60mins- 100MB and UL Sms's

Daily K7 - Dial *335*2# and get 100mins- 100MB and UL Sms's

Real Mahala All-Net

Daily K3 - Dial *335*4# and get 10mins and 100MB and 100Sms's

How to check balance

Dial *336#

How to Unsubscribe

Dial *335*5#


Q: What is Real Mahala Promotion?

A:Real Mahala is a Promotion for pre-paid Zamtel customers only. Real Mahala awards a customer with SMS, talking minutes and data bundle benefits.

Real Mahala has two offers;

(a) On-net for Zamtel - Zamtel numbers

(b) All network for Zamtel to Airtel and MTN numbers

Q: How do I opt into Real Mahala?

A: Simply dial the code *335# and select either option 1 for on-net offers or option 2 for All-network offer. OR

(a) *335*1 for K3 On-net

(b) *335*7# for K7 On-net

(c) *335*3# for K100 On-net

(d) *335*4# for K3 All-network

Q: Is Real Mahala open to all?

A: The promotion is open to all Zamtel Prepaid Subscribers Only

Q: Can I subscribe to more than one package in a day?

A: Yes you can subscribe more than once in a day. Simply unsubscribe from one package and subscribe to another.

Q: What is validity of the minutes, sms and data?

A: The minutes and sms's are valid from 06:00hours to 22:00hours. Data is valid from 06:00hours to 00:00 (Midnight)

Q: What happens if I subscribe for Real Mahala after 22:00hours?

A: If subscription is done after 22:00hours, the minutes, sms and data will be valid from 06:00am the following day.

Q: How do I check balance of the Minutes, SMS and data that I have left for the day?

A: To check the balance of minutes, SMS and data, dial the short *335# and select option 3.

Q: Can I share the voice minutes, SMS and data bundles with another number?

A: No. This is a promotion, hence SMS, voice minutes and data bundles cannot be shared.

Q: What Data will I use up first if I have an active bundle and opt into Real Mahala?

A: After opting into Real Mahala the allocated bundle will be used first. Once the bundle is depleted or has reached its validity period then the Main bundle will be used.

Q: What is the vality of the Real Mahala Offers?

A: Daily packs are valid for 24hrs - or from time of subscription before 22:00hours.Monthly on-net offer for 30days from day of subscription.

Terms And Conditions

Only Zamtel prepaid customers are eligible to subscribe for the promotion

A customer can subscribe, unsubscribe and checks balance of minutes, SMS and Data by dialing *335#.

Customers can subscribe multiple times to any other price plan before 22:00hrs. Minutes will be allocated and effective immediately.

Customers who subscribe after 22:00hrs will be allocated their minutes; however will only be active the following day after 06:00hrs.

Free calling between 22:00hours and 06:00am apply for Zamtel to Zamtel numbers on all packages.

The Real Mahala Tariff plan has two (2) options, as follows:

On-net offer

Price Min SMS Data(MB)
K3.00 60 UL* 100
K7.00 100 UL* 100
K100.00 2000 UL* 1 GB

All-Network offer

Price Min SMS Data(MB)
K3.00 10 100 100

Calls to international numbers will be charged at applicable rates.

Data bundles on each offer are valid from the time of subscription until midnight of that day OR from 06:00AM to Midnight .

The Real Mahala re-subscription is automatic i.e. it will renew automatically on a daily basis. This will happen at midnight every day provided the customer has the amount of talk time corresponding to the subscription amount. Any customer wishing to unsubscribe must do so before midnight.

The customer must ensure that they have sufficient airtime in their main account at midnight daily for the re-subscription to be successful.

If the data offered is fully utilized, browsing will continue from an existing bundle or from the main account if a bundle does not exist.

The Real Mahala price plans will not apply if a subscriber is roaming.

All unused minutes, SMSs and Data for the day will not be carried forward i.e. if the minutes and SMSs are not used up by 22:00 hours they will become zero at 22:00 hours. Unused data will become zero at midnight.

If the customer un-subscribes from the Real Mahala at any time, i.e. the customer cancels the tariff benefits, then the free minutes, SMS and Data will become 0 immediately and the free calling after 22:00hours will not apply as well.

If the customer exhausts all their minutes and SMSs before 22:00 hours , the customer will be charged for on-net calls and SMSs from the airtime in their main account until 22:00 hours, after which they will get the benefit of the free calling until 06:00 hours the next day, as per the Real Mahala tariff table above

Customers on the All-net offer will be charged at the applicable call rate for all cross network calls made after 22:00 hours as per the tariff table above.

The customer cannot subscribe to the Real Mahala using bonus talk time. Only talk time from the main account will be valid for subscription to the promotion.