Customer FAQs (Call centre FAQs)
How can I recharge my account balance on Zamtel?
To recharge your account, you have two options:
  • Dial 113 and select option 1, listen to the voice prompts and enter the recharge number followed by #.
  • Press *113*recharge number# then press send/dial.

How can I check my account balance on Zamtel?
To check your account balance simply press *114# and send/dial.
How can I check my other accounts?
To check your other accounts simply press *299# and dial/send.
How can I activate my missed call notifications?
To activate your missed call notification service kindly call the call centre on 111 and select option 1 to be assisted by the operator.
How many tariff plans does Zamtel have?
Currently Zamtel has three tariff plans namely:
Real Mahala
Standard Per Second.

What are the charges for the tarrif plans?
The first is Chalila to Opt  in dial *338*2#

How can I share airtime on my Zamtel mobile line?
How can I share airtime on my Zamtel mobile line?    To share airtime:
  • Change your pin code by dialing 211, select option 3 and listen to the voice prompts.
  • You will be instructed to enter the default pin number which is 0000 followed by #
  • Enter a new pin composed of four digits followed by # re-enter the new pin followed by #.
  • Type*445*your new four digit pin number*cell number you wish to send the airtime to 955******followed by*amount to be transferred 10000# and dial.

How can I register friends and family numbers for the family and friends closed user group service?
To register numbers on family and friends service dial 211 listen to the voice prompts, choose option 5 to add a number followed by #.
How can I ask someone to call me back?
For the Call Me Back service kindly dial *221*the number you wish to call you back as follows 260955****** and press #.
How can I recharge for  someone on Zamtel?
For the Third party recharge  you dial *113*recharge pin *number to be recharged and press # then send
What internet services does Zamtel offer?
Zamtel offers the following internet services:
  • Fixed Broad band(ADSL) through the landline
  • Leased Data services  (DSL) data managed services for big companies
  • Email only
  • Domain hosting
  • Mobile internet
How can I enable my mobile phone for data so that I can be able to browse?
Visit any of our nearest retail outlet for assitance.
You can also do it yourself using the steps below for Any general handset:
  • Select phone settings;
  • Select connection settings;
  • Go to your access point and change it to
  • Call the Call Center on toll free (111) and select option 3;
  • Request for your number to be internet enabled
Thereafter you phone will be ready for browsing.

Most of these are unable to accept Over -The-Air (OTA) settings and need to be set up manually.
Setting up Android for Internet:
  • On the device ,press the menu key
  • Select Wireless & Networks
  • Select Mobile Networks
  • Select  GSM/UMTS Options
  • Select Access Point Names (APN)
  • Name(enter Zamtel GPRS)
  • APN(enter Zamtel.wap or
  • Proxy( only applicable if you are  using the Zamtel.wap APN)
  • Port ( enter 80)
  • Save your APN settings and your phone or tablet is configured.
  • Switch your device off and on for the settings to be activated on your device.
What is KYC and where can I have it done
KYC is a regulatory requirement for all customers to have their mobile sim card registered.You can have this done at any of our Retail outlets or approved dealers. \you will need to carry a copy of your NRC.
What is Zamtel Tunes?
Zamtel Tunes is Zamtel Caller Ring Back Tone service (CRBT). It enables your callers to be entertained while they wait for you to pick up their call.
Is there a limit on the number of tunes in my library?
You can load up to 20 tunes into your personal tunes library.
Can I get any Zamtel tunes that are not available on the guide?
If you want a particular tune that is not available in our database you can request a tune via the website and we will do our best to find it for you.
How do I subscribe?
You can subscribe from Zamtel tunes in any one of three ways:
a) SMS Access
Type "REG"  and send text to 222 to register. Subscriber receives an SMS with a six digit default password.

b) Interactive Voice Response (IRV)
Dial 222 and follow voice prompts Press 1 to subscribe to Zamtel ring Tunes An SMS is sent confirming the subscription.

c) Web Portal
On the Zamtel website, press Zamtel tunes icon On Zamtel tunes user portal, click register Enter phone number in the following format 955xxxxxx Then click apply password. The password will be sent to phone via SMS *Note that the initial password generated by the system can be changed to a personalized one once the subscriber logs on
d) How do I deregister?

How do I Deregister for the service?
Either send an SMS with the word 'UNR' to 222, by dialing 222  or via the ZAMTEL website (
How do I set my Zamtel tune as default?
Dial 222 listen to the voice prompts and opt 3.
What is the charge per Zamtel tune?
Downloads for each of the Zamtel tunes is KR1.30 (old value K 1,300). This is valid for 30 days and is renewable for the same amount. A reminder will be sent to your phone via SMS five days before the tune expires.
Can I send someone a tune?
Yes you can to Zamtel subscribers only e.g. If you want to gift Baby by Justin Bieber (code 1021) to your friend on 0955000000      SMS "GIFT 1021 955000000" to 222
Can I assign particular Zamtel tunes to different callers?
Yes you can! Simply make a group e.g. family, friends, work, church, e.t.c. and assign each group a tune you think is more appropriate for them. You create a group by Calling 222 listen to voice prompt and opt 3# and then press 3 to set a group.
Are there any additional charges?
No! There are no hidden costs or any other additional costs for Zamtel tunes
How and where do I get help?
If you need any help with Zamtel tunes: a) SMS: 'help' to 222 you will receive a CRBT menu which will guide you or via the ZAMTEL website (
NOTE: Zamtel respects intellectual property and copyright laws. All Zamtel tunes are provided by a content provider who has been mandated to get copyright approval from the Zambia Music Copyrights Protection Society (Zamcorps) before uploading them.
What is the SMS centre number?
This is a number that enables your phone number to send and receive messages .The Zamtel SMS centre number is +26095199004.
To set the message center number on your phone follow these easy steps:
  • Go to your message settings and check under message service number or message center number then enter the number then save.

What is MMS?
MMS is short for  Multimedia Messaging  this  is a way to send messages that include videos, pictures, text pages and ringtones  to and from mobile phones
Can I send an MMS if I dont have a phone with a camera?
Yes you can still send an MMS even if your phone doesn't have a camera but it supports internet. You can send images that you may download onto your phone.
Can I receive an MMS if my phone is not able to support internet?
No you cannot receive an MMS in this case.
Can I send an MMS to a number that is not on Zamtel Mobile?
No, you can only send an MMS to another Zamtel Mobile number.
How can I get ADSL services?
1. If you already have a Zamtel Landline all you need to do is pay for the modem and monthly subscription of the plan you want. You will be fully connected within 5 working days.
2. If you do not yet have a landline, fill in the landline application form, pay for the modem and the subscription plan that you want. Service will be available within 10 working days

What Packages are on Offer?
HOME EXTRA                ZMW 300
SME STANDARD            ZMW900
(All valid for 30 days)

How do I make payments for my ADSL?
You can make your payment at any of our service centers near you.
How do I troubleshoot my moderm?
  • If your DSL light is OFF on your moderm, please check and make sure your landline cable is firmly connected to your moderm and that your landline is operational.
  • If your Ethernet light is OFF check that the Ethernet cable is connected from your computer to your moderm.
  • Your internet light should always be solid on, if it is flickering check that your account is up to date with payments. Or you can email your fault to:

What is Zamtel Mobile Broadband?
Zamtel mobile broadband is the service that allows you to be able to access the internet from your mobile phone from anywhere as long as you are within Zamtel network coverage.
How much will I be charged for using the service?
Zamtel charges are bundle based

Music download    5MB

Picture download  120KB

Audio File     5MB

Video file     25MB

E-Mail     Varies based on content (with or without attachment)

How do I set up my phone?
You will need to have a phone that can support mobile internet access (GPRS, EDGE, 3G), Contact your Zamtel customer service or the nearest Zamtel retail outlet for assistance on setting up your phone.
If I have any queries, where can I go?
You can visit any of the Zamtel Retail outlets nearest to you, or call 111 for further assistance.
How can I know that I have 3G signal
You will see against the network bars? on your phone either:
  • 3G
  • UMTS
  • HSPA+
  • 3.5G